jueves, 23 de abril de 2015

1. Dr. Gallardo - Duro

1. Dr. Gallardo - Hard

- Point and set for the Brazilians. 

- Including cheer leaders, How spectacular! What a shame that the video has been damaged for years.

- That is what you want, EH? Take it, All for you girls... donŽt leave anything behind.
- UFA!

- ... 7 times, and I am still in the position like the era from high school. 

- Well, I should enjoy more that I still haven`t got any wounds. 


- Ale! ale! Cheer up! You still have another one. 

- The next time, Do the same as I do....
- Nurse, a bag. 
- YeS

- Depilate with a lighter.

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